Graphic Short Story Prize 2016 Matthew Dooley " Colin Turnbull A Tall Story"

Matthew Dooley from Ormskirk is the 2016 winner of the Cape Observer Comica Graphic Short Story Prize. He wins £1,000 cash and and his 4-page story will be published in the Observer New Review.

Read Winner Mathew Dooley’s Graphic Short Story “Colin Turnbull: A Tall Story”

Matthew Dooley says:

“Years ago, me and my friend, Chris, were knocking about ideas for sketches, and I had one for a milkman who was obsessed with being tall. I found it in an old notebook, and revived it: the combination of the mundane and the obsessive seemed like it would be just right for a comic.

I set it in Lancashire, in a place like the one I grew up in: Ormskirk, which was quite bland and suburban… extraordinarily normal, I suppose you’d say. I’m a sports obsessive. I tend to live vicariously through the achievements of various sports people. But I do see that sport is inherently ridiculous, too.”

The Runner Up

“Doulos Nezblanc”, better known as David Ross from London is this year’s Runner Up for his graphic short Story “Of Ice And Men” He wins £250 cash and and his work will appear online.

The Short Listed Entrants and Their Works:

Alex Potts – Out of Hours
Tania Viceda Moltó – In a Not So Far Future…
Anna Trench – K9 Cares
Amy Tibbles – The Man on the Star
Alan Dunne – Folly
Jake Shepherd – Buzz and Pete
Dave Henman – Oops
Candice Purwin – Before I Forget
Mathilde Tollec – Tenzing Express
Kathryn Martin – The Spirit of Vaslav Nijinsky
Abigail Lingford – The Irish Giant
Matthew Dooley – Coline Turnbull: A Tall Story
Tess Smith-Roberts – Missed Connection
Doulos Nezblanc – Of Ice and Men
Raya Alkhayal – Doodle Monster
Emily McGovern – Bloodlust and Bonnets

These works are on Exhibition at the Orbital Gallery in London until 17 November 2016.

For More on This Story

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Graphic Short Story Prize 2016

The Graphic Short Story Prize 2016 Exhibition at the Orbital Gallery.

The Observer’s Rachel Cooke on the 2016 Prize Winners Matthew Dooley and “Doulos Nezblanc”.


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