Wordless: The Collection of David A Berona at the Billy Ireland Cartoon Library and Museum Ohio

Wordless in Ohio

OHIO, USA | Wordless : The Collection of David A. Beronä is an exhibition that celebrates a century of wordless books—graphic novels and histories told entirely through pictures—and also the life of the late David A. Beronä, who was devoted to studying, collec... Read More...
Eldon Dedini: The Art Of Humour at the Billy Ireland Cartoon Museum Ohio

Eldon Dedini: Playboy New Yorker

OHIO, USA | Dedini: The Art of Humor is an exhibition that showcases the work of Eldon Dedini, a master of the magazine gag cartoon. For almost half a century, both The New Yorker and Playboy regularly published his work, which featured a unique blend of ar... Read More...


Comic Invasion Berlin Comics Festival Germany

Comic Invasion Berlin

BERLIN | Comic Invasion Berlin is a thriving independent comic festival very much in the spirit of Comica Comiket. Ash Pure, who lives in Berlin, creator of The Lion and The Unicorn, tells us about the Comics Scene there and Comic Invasion Berlin: "The B... Read More...
Detail from the Poster for SuperQueeroes Exhibition at the Schwules Museum, Berlin.

SuperQueeroes: Our Heroes, Our Heroines

BERLIN, GERMANY | SuperQueeroes: Our LGBTI Comic Book Heroes and Heroines. For the first time in Germany, and Europe, a museum devotes an exhibition to the topic of “queer” comics: comics that include LGBTI characters and tell Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgend... Read More...


Joe Sacco: Comics Journalist an exhibition at the cartoonmuseum basel

Joe Sacco: Comics Journalist

SWITZERLAND | The Cartoonmuseum in Basel is the first museum in Europe to present a cross-section of the many works of  Joe Sacco a Maltese journalist and cartoonist living in the USA who has received many awards for his original comics journalism. The exhibi... Read More...