Comica Loves Comics, So We Put Comics First!

Comica Loves Comics

So what is it about Comica? Comica was established in 2003 with a series of annual successful events including Comikets at the Institute of Contemporary Arts in London.

The name came about simply: combining into a portmanteau word the words Comics and ICA.

Later Comica – came to mean something different a plural noun for all things Comics.

In 2011 Comica became a not-for-profit Social Enterprise and produces a year round programme of events, including:

  • Comica: London International Comics Festival
  • Comica Comiket The Independent Comics Market exclusively for comics graphic novels and particularly individual comics creators and  the small  and the micro presses in this area.
  • The Annual  Graphic Short Story Prize in partnership with Jonathan Cape and The Observer.
  • The Comica Social Club the monthly networking event to meet up and talk about common interest in comics.

We also present talks, exhibitions, workshops, conferences, panel discussions, film screenings through out the year.

Comica London Our Story

In October 2015 the Comica.London magazine website was created with the legend Comics But Not As You Know It:

  • To promote comics and graphic novels not just during the Comica Festival season but throughout the year.
  • To redress the over emphasis in all media about Superhero comics.
  • To put Comics in context and take nothing for granted when it comes to talking about the subject. No prior knowledge is required of anyone.
  • To show that comics is an amazingly rich culture all around the world enjoyed in many forms—and and how it inter-relates with all aspects of the Arts.

About Comica’s Aims: Inspiring Comics

• To present work by new and established artists working in the medium of comics and graphic novels.
• To promote an understanding and appreciation of comics, graphic novels, and graphic non-fiction as heritage and culture, to people of all ages and all backgrounds.
• To provide a platform to support, encourage and foster artists engaged in the creation of comics and broaden the horizons and wider acceptance of comics and graphic novels as an integral dimension of British culture and the arts communities.
• To reach the broadest possible cross section of the public to not only attend events as audience, but to actively participate in Comica events.
•  To act as a creative catalyst working with artists, curators and community to enable the public to have contact with artists and engage with art.
• To provide a network for professionals to develop their work through practice-led discussions and strengthen the comic community by creating an environment that encourages collaboration.

The Comica Company Ltd.

The Comica Company Ltd is a not-for-profit Social Enterprise.
Trading as ‘Comica Festival; the London International Comics Festival’, ‘Comica Festival’ and “Comica Comiket” and “Comica London”.
Registered Company Number 7811409.
Registered in England and Wales.
Directors: Paul Gravett and Peter Stanbury.

Comica London – Putting Comics First