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Comic Invasion Berlin

16 April 201617 April 2016

| Free
Comic Invasion Berlin Comics Festival Germany

Poster for Comic Invasion Berlin 2016BERLIN | Comic Invasion Berlin is a thriving independent comic festival very much in the spirit of Comica Comiket.

Ash Pure, who lives in Berlin, creator of The Lion and The Unicorn, tells us about the Comics Scene there and Comic Invasion Berlin:

“The Berlin comic scene has set alight over the last few years. Like the craft food, beer and coffee scene it is a part of the new Berlin that is being shaped by small, local independent artisans. Scenes that all benefit from the population who’ve migrated to the city with the sole purpose of having the freedom to make something special, to do what they love, in an environment conducive to creativity and progress.

Where the comic scene differs is perhaps in terms of its diversity.

Diversity of produce and diversity of creators. Comics appear in a dazzling range of colours, paper stocks and sizes – and that’s all before we dip into the content.

From sprawling sci-fi epics given a fresh spiritual twist by young entrepreneurs, such as Hemisphere, to handmade travel journals sharing intimate personal experiences such as Clairikine, the comics being produced in Berlin today are absolutely some of the best in the world.

In short the comics scene is hipster free, it’s a safe place to let your freak flag fly. And in Berlin, of course, you’ll find the freakiest flags of all.

The beauty of Berlin as a creative hub is that unlike Paris, New York and London, it is small enough for a distinct scene to coalesce, to become cohesive and to make an impact.

Berlin is a ‘shallow pool’, so it’s very easy for enthusiastic amateurs to wind up sitting next to major international players over a beer and a sketch book.

Which happens regularly at the number of social events feeding the comics scene around the city,

the established Stammtisch on the first Monday of the month at the Renate Comics Salon and the newer, more international, Panel Up on the last Wednesday of the month held at Sankt Oberholz (just look for the people without laptops.

Comic Invasion Berlin

However if you want to see the Berlin comic scene live and blazing in all its mad glory you need to head down to Comic Invasion Berlin, held annually at the Urban Spree gallery.

While it is undeniably more than a little rough around the edges, it has the raw excitement and energy of a new movement. It truly feels like the start of something, the ‘primitive streak’ from which a new being will grow.

Yes It has the ramshackle energy of a punk festival, often smelling the same way, but it is the untapped creativity, bursting from the seams that sets this apart from nearly any other comic show, with the possible exception of London’s Comica Comiket.

It is refreshingly free from any big brand game or movie sponsorship, being self governed and run by the Berlin comic scene for the people of Berlin, under the guidance and encouragement of Marc Seestaedt, the festival’s co-founder and colourful, courageous beating heart. It is a festival that really is just about the comics and the creators. Just pure art. Pure talent. Pure creativity shining out.

So keep watching, because It’s only going to get brighter.”

The Satellite Programme has many events that began on 1 April and continues until the main Festival on the 16 and 17 April. So there will be lots to see and do.

Wow that’s sound exciting. We want to go there now! Thanks Ash Pure.

Admission is Free

Make Music and Comics While The Sun Shines! Photography by Claudia D’Alò, 2014

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