Creatrix and Infidelity: Florence Cestac Meets Posy Simmonds

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Creatrix and Infidelity: Florence Cestac Meets Posy Simmonds

12 April 2016 | 7:00 pm9:00 pm BST

| £11
Infidelity The Mide-life Crisis Florence Cestac and Posy Simmonds at the House of Illustration

LONDON | Creatrix and Infidelity. Florence Cestac and Posy Simmonds are the leading comix creatrix of graphic novels who meet to reflect on their contrasting careers in comics from the 70s until today.

Florence Cestac is an award-winning, prolific, French cartoonist and graphic novelist who is also a pioneering publisher of bandes dessinées. She is the only woman to win the Angoulême Festival’s Grand Prix in over forty years.

Posy Simmonds is an award-winning, prolific, British graphic novelist is much loved for her best-selling graphic novels that originally appeared as cartoon strips in The Guardian, notably Gemma Bovery and Tamara Drewe, both adapted into films.

But more even than these huge achievements — these creatrix share similar themes of the motivations of Infidelity in their work.

Florence Cestac: He Done Her Wrong

Florence Cestac best-selling French graphic novel The Midlife Crisis is published in English (digital) for the first time. It explores with humour the distress of a marriage breaking up. What happens when a man is so consumed by desire that he destroys his own life and, incidentally, throws away everything that’s been a part of it up until then? Including, primarily, his wife and kids.  It is an emotional thunderstorm of a graphic novel that ferociously swings between tears and laughter.


“Working on The Midlife Crisis was a therapeutic experience for me. Having gone through it myself it allowed me to put it on paper. I made several versions of it before finding the right one. I didn’t want it to be a spiteful work, but I found a way to arouse certain emotions, that is laughter and tears.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but in our society that was a major subject lots of women connected with.

I’ve created a whole new readership for my work amongst women who normally didn’t read comics. And they’ve stayed with me. I received many letters and testimonies that really touched me.

The theatrical adaptation by Michèle Bernier was also a great success. It was on stage for four years straight, translated into German, Italian and Spanish. The subject is timeless and universal.”

Florence Cestac


Posy Simmonds: She Done Him Wrong

On the other hand Posy Simmonds best-selling British graphic novel Gemma Bovery explores infidelity from another viewpoint. Gemma Bovery’s infidelity is almost a cry for help, she leaves Britain for France to start a new life anything to escape the restless ennui of married life.

Graphic Novels Exploring Infidelity By Florence Cestac and Posy Simmonds

The Midlife Crisis, a graphic novel by Florence Cestac
The Midlife Crisis, 2016, by Florence Cestac
Gemma Bovery a graphic novel by Posy Simmonds
Gemma Bovery, 1999, by Posy Simmonds

In association with Europe Comics, Institut Français and Mediatoon.

The ticket price includes entry to Comix Creatrix: 100 Women Making Comics before the talk.

Illustration: A detail from the cover of The Midlife Crisis, 2016, by Florence Cestac.

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