Coastal Comics Outdoors: Not Everyone Rises an installation by Julian Hanshaw in Rye East Sussex

Comics In The Great Outdoors!

RYE | EAST SUSSEX Comics Outside | Not Everyone Rises. As the summer blazes, now is the time to wander on a coastal tour along the coast of Rye and there, on a fine day with the gulls wheeling, you will discover comics and stories of forgotten days, in the pla... Read More...


Alice In Wonderland an exhibition at the Laing Art Gallery in Newcastle

When Alice Disappeared

NEWCASTLE | Alice In Wonderland. Alice was a stoic adventurous child, prone to falling asleep regardless of her surroundings, changing size in a disconcerting way, and wandering off and talking to strangers. However, here we celebrate those innocent qualiti... Read More...


By Gum It's Dan Dare! Frank Hampson son Peter talks to Paul Gravett at the Lightbox Gallery in Woking about his father's notable work

By Gum It’s Dan Dare! Frank Hampson Revealed

WOKING | ENGLAND By Gum - Dan Dare! In Conversation With Peter Hampson. A celebration of the visionary genius of Frank Hampson, creator of the Eagle’s ‘Pilot of the Future’ Dan Dare. His son Peter Hampson was the inspiration for the character Flamer Sp... Read More...
The Story Of British Comics So far: Cor! By Gum! Zarjaz at The Lightbox Gallery in Working. Illustration by Asia Alfasi

Cor! By Gum! Zarjaz! A Story Of British Comics

WOKING, ENGLAND | The Story of British Comics So Far: Cor! By Gum! Zarjaz! Just 25 minutes from London Waterloo you can discover the idyll that is Woking and a charming retrospective of British Comics at modernist art gallery The Lightbox. There you will be tr... Read More...


Comic Inventionan exhibition at the Hunterian Art Gallery in Glasgow

Comic Invention: A Graphic Narrative

GLASGOW | Comic Invention: Graphic Narrative exhibition that reveals the world’s first comic. Taking us from the world’s oldest comic to Scooby Doo and Batman, it reveals new material central to the history of comics and how we tell stories. Looking at grap... Read More...


Baseerah Journey To Sight Show by Asia Alfasi at Norwich Arts Centre

Baseerah: Journey To Sight

NORWICH | Baseerah: Journey to Sight is an exhibition by award-winning creatrix Asia Alfasi of work from her new Manga series. Baseerah: Journey to Sight Of a possible endless selection, pre-determined chance decrees the initial eye that opens for each new i... Read More...


Lourdes, 1928, a painting by the visionary artist David Jones at the Djanogly Gallery Nottingham

David Jones: Vision and Memory

NOTTINGHAM | David Jones (1895–1974) an English painter, engraver, poet and maker of inscriptions. A lyrical draughtsman, he responded with delight to the visual world, yet his vision was informed by memory reaching back into the depths of time and history. ... Read More...